Suntactics Portable Solar Chargers

♦ Feeds Your Phone With the Sun at Wall Charger Speed ♦ Compatible with all USB DevicesHassle Free ♦ ReliableDurable ♦ Hiker Friendly ♦ The Lightest Weight Available ♦  Environmentally Friendly ♦ Customer Feedback Design ♦  Auto-Retry ™ ♦ Water Proof ♦ American Ingenuity ♦ Close to a Decade of Solar Charger Experience ♦ Proven Performance Provides Great Value ♦ Exceptional Customer Support ♦ Over 20,000 Happy Customers!

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Are you completely confused about what solar charger to pick? Are you not satisfied with the answers to your questions?  We can answer all your questions.

How long does it take to solar charge?

In most cases our solar chargers can charge the same time as your wall charger depending on what solar charger you pick, the apps you are running and solar conditions.

How do I choose from all these solar chargers I see on the internet?

Have you noticed how all the overseas solar chargers look so similar with a cloth or canvas case?  A lot of these are clones of an original. Some of them are clones of clones!  We have found in our extensive research that most overseas brands do, in fact, exaggerate on the actual abilities of their products as well. Thousands of our customers agree and purchase  Suntactics solar chargers instead.

Can I store power for later use?

Storage type solar devices combine a solar panel with a battery. We recommend that you DO NOT purchase a solar battery combo device. Most of these are cheap gimmicks.  The solar panel in them is too small and it can take many days to charge their internal battery. And when the internal battery fails, which it will being baked in the sun all day, you will have to throw the whole thing away.  Our suggestion is to purchase a separate USB standalone battery.  This way you can keep it in the shade, but when it eventually fails, you will still have the solar charger.

Can you recommend a USB power bank battery?

No, we cannot recommend a USB battery.  It would be unfair to USB power bank retailers if we recommended an actual brand name on our website. However, our solar chargers will charge most all USB power bank batteries.  

Can I charge a laptop with an sCharger?

No. Suntactics solar chargers are optimized for USB devices.  Laptops require a much more substantial amount of energy compared to a small USB device.

What about that price?

If you want cheap, go ahead and get an overseas solar charger. We admit some are contenders, but be warned, you may not get what you expected in the end.  It’s just like Christmas tree lights. The next year you pull them out, they don’t work, you fuss with them, and it drives you crazy.  No product is 100% perfect but we try very hard to make it perfect.

More questions?

We ask that you please read our FAQs.   We have over a 7 year build up of answers there.

Please also read the sCharger User Manual for even more details.

If you still have not found the answer, please contact us immediately as we are very interested to hear if we missed something!

Our final say:

Unlike other solar companies that put 90% into their marketing and 10% into their solar charger quality, Suntactics prioritizes quality first!

Solar Charge All Your Favorite Mobile Devices

universally charge all of these devices with Suntactics!


All the Features You Need in One Portable Solar Charger

Easy to Use?

You won’t have to fuss with extra plugs, adaptors, or batteries. Simply place the portable solar charger in the sun, plug-in, and instantly charge your mobile device.

Charges Devices Fast?

You will save time by charging devices at a faster rate than other solar chargers. We have optimized our panels for maximum speed and performance.

Light Weight and Portable?

Our solar chargers are as thin as a No.2 pencil, our smallest unit is the size of a CD case and weighs ~7oz.


Our panels are optimized for maximum efficiency, and that means faster charging. Thinner laminate, bigger and better monocrystaline solar cells.

Auto-Retry Technology?

Some phones will stop charging if there are fluctuations in power as if a cloud passes by.  Auto-Retry will attempt to put your phone back to a charging state if this happens. Auto-Retry works best when the solar panel is stationary and not moving.  Check out the video Auto-Retry Video

Durable and Reliable?

Save money by investing in a solar charger that will last a lifetime and actually works! Spare yourself the time and the pain of losing money trying cheaply made solar chargers. Gain a lifetime partnership with the best solar charging company in the industry, we will always have your back no matter what!

Charge Two Devices at the Same Time?

With our medium and large units, you will have the capability of charging multiple items at the same time. Saving you even more time.

Safe Circuitry?

You won’t have to worry about damaging your favorite, expensive devices! Our panels are the safest on the market, we use smart technology that prevents over-charging.

Assembled in the USA?

When you buy from a U.S. manufacturer, not only are you getting a better, more reliable product, you’re also helping to keep jobs in the U.S.


“If you hikers want something that works, trust no other solar charger on your hikes.”

-Craig J.


“I’ve tried several solar panels since they hit the market. Suntactics is by far the best I’ve used.”

-Jake Does America

christopher brisley solar

“Wondering how we stay connected? the power of the sun, great work @suntactics!”

-Christopher Brisley

casey lavere solar

“It’s pretty remarkable. I can charge the batteries for my camera, iPods, iPads, it’s great to have [out hunting]”

-Casey Lavere