Solar Charge the Beats Pill Portable Speaker by Dr. Dre | Beats Pill Solar Charger

Solar Charge the Beats Pill Portable Speaker by Dr. Dre | Beats Pill Solar Charger

Beats Pill Solar Charger

Listen to music anywhere with the Beats Pill ($199) by Dr. Dre and solar charge them outside with the Suntactics sCharger-5 ($139). Both are portable and convenient to take on a trip, on the beach, or anywhere you need some tunes. The Suntactics sCharger-5 is the ultimate Beats Pill Solar Charger available online.

Imagine you’re at the beach or at the park having fun with friends, you want some music while working the BBQ at a party or just plain want to enjoy the summertime outside while listening to music. Why worry about your Beats Pill portable speakers running low on batteries, all you need is a Beats Pill Solar Charger like Suntactics to keep the batteries charged, they also allow you to solar charge even while the speakers are in use.

In other words; have unlimited music anywhere in the sun.

These powerful solar chargers will also fully charge the Beats Pill in less than an hour, but how does it work? It’s quite simple; Simply use the adaptor that comes with the Beats Pill, plug the micro USB end into the Beats Pill, and plug the standard “A” USB end into the USB port on the sCharger-5, aim the solar panels at the sun and you’re good to go!

With Suntactics, outlets have become obsolete, our panels have been optimized to charge at wall outlet speed. Why not harness the power of the sun to charge your mobile devices than be tied down to an electrical outlet that uses non-renewable assets such as fossil fuels to produce electricity? This is an opportunity to be green, and help reduce harmful emissions, while enjoying your music all summer long!